Get started

We'll transcribe your audio at 2¢ per minute, plus $1. The easiest way to calculate the cost is to simply upload your audio below, and we'll show you what it will costs to transcribe.

Recordings are rounded up to the nearest whole minute.

How does it work?

It's easy. You record audio of someone talking. We use machines to transcribe it.

You upload the audio and within 15 minutes or less, we'll email you a link with your audio and transcript

Share, embed, or save the audio+transcript as you see fit.


Is it private?

Sort of. When you upload audio, we use machines to transcribe it - so no one is listening to your recording. Once we create the unique URL of your transcript, it's up to you what you do with that link. The link is sufficiently obfuscated to be hard for someone to stumble upon it; but if you post it to Twitter, then of course, everyone can find it.

We don't recommend using our service for super-private, never see the light of day type recordings.

Where can I embed the transcript?

We built QuickTranscript to make it easy to embed your audio into Notion, but it supports - so there are a number of sites and apps that will easily let you embed a transcript.

Do you store my original recording?

Not for very long. We use your original recording to transcribe, but then we create a web-optimized version for playback on your unique URL. Once we have confirmed the transcript is complete, we delete your original recording, leaving only the web-optimized verison.